​Here are some of services that my company, MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C. offers.  Remember that I am able to consult on cases before you ever consider litigation or early pretrial. Medical Malpractice is usually the service provided by physicians from an attorneys point of view.  However, many other services can be helpful by


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increasing case value, save their time and being very cost effective.

  • Review of Case Validity and Value
  • Medical Summary Reports
  • Interpretation of Meaning, or Lack thereof, of Medical Reports & Records
  • Independent Record Reviews
  • IME Observation & Rebuttal Reports
  • Answers to Specific Medical Questions in Cases
  • Standard of Care Reviews
  • Medical Case Coordination
  • Liaison to Treating Doctors
  • Referral to Appropriate Medical Experts
  • Determination of Future Medical Care and Costs
  • Medical Research and Delivery of Medical Journal Articles
  • Facilitation of Communication with Clients, Families, Professionals and Service & Governmental Agencies
  • Help Developing Medical Theories
  • Deposition & Court Assistance-Table-side or Question Preparation

With Reasonable Fees in mind, records can be reviewed at your office or elsewhere. Resources are available to address any type of medical consultation; I can provide help with issues and questions concerning medicine, surgery, psychiatry, neurology, emergency medicine, trauma, orthopedics and more.  Physician  written reports or affidavits have more authority and credibility. Redacted Reports are available for review as an example of the work done by MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C.  To my knowledge, this is an Exclusive Service provided by a physician in this area.