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The NewsLetter is offered by Contacting MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C. directly.

For examples of previous newsletters:

What Value Can a Medical Consultant Add To a Case? Aug 2018

Can a Treating Doctor’s Medical Opinion on Causation be Incorrect and Potentially Hurt Your Case? July 2018

Why did they cut my leg off, a patient asked

Fibromyalgia, Can It Be Caused By Trauma?

What Is DISH and What Does It Have to Do With Auto Accidents?

In addition to the Newsletter, Redacted Reports are available for review as an example of the work done by MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C.  Contact us with a request. I have many examples of different types of reports that have been summited on actual cases through the years.

In addition to the other services that MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C. offers, education to the attorneys on medical issues of their clients is one of the goals.  A Newsletter is offered periodically to attorneys and their staff free of charge who wish to receive it by e-mail.