Bradley R. Burton, J.D. of The Burton Law Firm, P.C. said:

"Dr. Snow took a complex case regarding a contaminated solution distributed to  several health care facilities involving several patients.  My goal was to obtain a higher amount of the allotted amount set aside for beneficiaries both living and deceased. Dr. Snow’s written report allowed my client to receive a more generous amount of the allotted settlement."

Darold Mathews, J.D. of Alexander Shunnarah Lawyers said:

"Dr. Snow has been invaluable in educating me as to the ways that certain diagnoses can affect other parts of my clients’ bodies or affect their ability to do certain tasks associated with the traumatic events found in my cases."

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Physicians Helping Attorneys Help Their Clients

MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C. takes great pride in assisting attorneys with their clients.  That assistance is to about 50% Defense and 50% Plaintiff Attorneys over the years.  Some example feedback from attorneys that I have worked with are:

Jeremy Knowles, J.D.​ of the Morris, Haynes, Wheeles Knowles & Nelson, said:

"Dr. Snow evaluates a case from a physician’s viewpoint, drawing from his extensive medical and medical-legal experience.  He objectively identifies the pros and cons of the case. He is cost-effective and quick.  He equips the attorney with the information to fully evaluate the case early; before unnecessary money is spent."