became one of the wound care physicians at Carraway in late 1993.  In 2002, Baptist Wound Care Clinic at Princeton Hospital was opened with my assistance. HBO was added in 2004 and is now one of only two accredited programs in Alabama  remaining an independent clinic (not corporate sponsored) under my leadership today.

History of Legal Consultation:
Being one of the first and few to specialize in infectious diseases and in wound care

treatment in Alabama, I have often been sought out by attorneys to review cases related to these types of issues and treatment. Through the years, I have been involved in numerous independent case reviews, facilitated referrals to appropriate medical experts, provided deposition assistance, served as an expert witness, and helped with various strategic planning efforts in support of various litigation efforts. Through the years, I have worked on about 50% defense and 50% plaintiff cases. With my assistance most cases are settled or dropped.

Infectious Disease is a field that one has to think like "Columbo" or "Sherlock 

Holmes" in order to solve what the underlying cause of persistent fever or the patients illness. All fever is not caused by infection. Therefore, many different possibilities have to be considered and some clues are not always obvious. One has to consider travel, pets, occupations or even unusual hobbies. An example was a patient who was a banker by trade that developed "pneumonia" with the etiology being an unusual fungus infection. I tracked his infection back to his hobby of being a magician and used pigeons in one of his tricks. He had contracted the lung infection from his pigeons. 
I look for the same type of clues so that my medical legal review can make the difference in the case that will give real value to the case.  Or a clue that  show the the case in question has no merit from a medical stand point what will clearly defend the case all the way to the jury. 

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Innovation & Leadership:

When I first went into practice in 1974 in the field of Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, I was one of only two board certified Infectious Disease Specialist in Alabama and the first in Birmingham to be in private practice.  In 1982, I was one of the four physicians involved with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) when Carraway Methodist Medical Center (CMMC) became the first to offer HBO in Alabama. CMMC started the first dedicated wound care clinic in Alabama, 2001. I


MD Legal Consulting, L.L.C.

Rodney M. Snow, M.D.